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ikeuh xD
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zondag 13 februari 2011

Fairy tales

Sprookjes bestaan! je ziet ze ineens opduiken in videoclips,films en beuatyland.
De campagne van het nieuwe parfum van Nina Ricci, bijvoorbeeld. Het model id de hot &happening singer songwriter en drummer florrie uit Engeland. zij is de moderne prinses in Nina Ricci's fairy tale. Oh ja! vergeten we bijna te vertellen hoe lekker het parfum is. Het ruikt betoverend zoet en het flesje is princess pretty.
NiNa L'ELIXIr eau de parfum (30ml)

CoOl Metalics

De Nieuwe oogschaduw van Maybeline New york.
Er zitten extra veel pigmenten in waardoor de kleur er op je ogen extra intens uitziet en langblijft zitten.
Clayton Leslie, make_up artist voor Maybelline New york: Als je deze oogschaduw met een vochtige kwastje aanbrengt ziet de kleur er nog veel feller uit"
Eye studio color cosmos, € 9.99 Maybelline New york

zaterdag 22 januari 2011

Like iit ?

Just about everythingAnd if you have ideas please email me.

what I wear?
I wear leggings with a floral print dress and a cardigan over it with lots of buttons you can not see it good. And a khaki green jacket
accessories: a leopard hat and a ring i hope you guys like it! : D

Face: I now wear Bourjois 10 Hour Sleep Effect Foundation and a regular eyeliner from HEMA.
No blush, and a light lip gloss ;)

woensdag 19 januari 2011

Just about everythingAnd if you have ideas please email me.

A LOve Story

I was going to the mall to see my cuz and she brought her to best friends so i was like ok the one was really amazing and the other not soo good. so as soon as i saw her i was really happy and shy at the same time deep down i wnt to talk to her but my feel for her were really strong for her and after awhile i start to talk to her and we had some stuff in common and i was really amazed so i had to go home very sad i didnt wnt to go. so i ask my cuz for her number and i was txt her ever single day to her and i wnt to make her happy and i thought to myslef she is the one tht i really wnt to be with soo i plan on ask her out on x mas soo i did but i was really nevrous cuz i thought she was going to say no to me soo i ask her she said she will think abut it and she ask my cuz and my cuz said go for it soo we start date on 12.25.10:)♥ i was really happy tht she said yes. i wnt to see her as much as i can soo she came over to my house and i went outside to meet her mom her mom is soo nice and she always get me mcds . so she met alex mom and my mom my mom really like her and soo does alex mom soo i take her down stair to met alex and alex was act like he was a sleep soo i hit him in the dick to wake him up soo they met and still today she look at him funny then later on my dad came home and she met him and he this she is very cute and nice and then she met my dogs and they went super crazy on her but now they like her so then i went to her cheer comp and i was soo happy or her she took 2nd place but to me she took 1st i was really proud for her soo later tht day i saw her again and we just chill in her room and it was funny so the next time i went there i was in her roo with the light off dance to r song bleed and i was really happpy i was sing to her and i never sing to a girl i am really in love with her. so me and her made plan for me and her and alex and cody and nicole went to friday and tht didnt turn out soo good in the began and at the end it got better i got my baby a key with a heart in it and she was soo happpy tht day:) i love u alicia with all my heart i will do anything to see u smile i love look in to ur blue and gren eyes and ur cute smile tht can light up a room. i never wnt to loose u baby i love u